Crime is rising because Liberal Democrats in Sacramento have worked to defund the police, close prisons and harm the rights of crime victims and law-abiding citizens. I will fight for more funding for public safety, tougher laws against crime and gangs and the right of citizens to be safe in their homes, schools and places of business.


We need to get the homeless off our streets and out of our neighborhoods, while recognizing that there are many causes of homelessness, including drug and alcohol abuse, lack of affordable housing and some people just being down on their luck. I support programs to help the homeless straighten out their lives and find jobs and housing.


I oppose all tax increases and strongly support the original Prop. 13 which has helped millions of Californians keep their homes. In Sacramento, I will work to reduce tax rates on working families and small businesses and to slash California’s unfair gas taxes.


High taxes and crazy regulations and mandates that come down from Sacramento have driven far too many jobs to other more business-friendly states. I will work to make it easier for businesses to open, grow and expand.